Hussam Alshammari

Team Lead / Senior Software Engineer

I consider myself to be an experienced computer science and software engineering with project management, programming and interpersonal skills. Driving change towards a computer science and software engineering way of work to program and develop all kind of applications in any programming language with a lean mindset. This is my true passion. I am looking forward to continuing to develop my software development skills and thereby improving my teams and the organization i work in.

Work Experiences


Software Development Team Leader
2021 - Present

I got promoted to be a team lead for my team after working two years at Derivco , and got more responsibilities like:

  • Lead a team of software developers programming applications.
  • Ensured team members stayed on task.
  • Assigned coding tasks to various team members.
  • Regularly monitored work and cut problem members before issues became large.
  • Was responsible for quality of applications delivered for customers.
  • Directed team meetings to check on progress and plan code direction.
  • Attended development work prioritization meetings.


Senior Software Engineer
2019 - 2021

I Work as an experienced software engineer who is passionate about solving challenging business problems and building applications that provide an excellent user experience. focusing on design and build of software solutions that leverage data to solve business problems. Gained skills about how to be flexible and willing to switch tasks based on team's needs, and how to be capable to work across the layers and technologies stack.

  • Leading the development and implementation of various initiatives and taking the ownership to deliver the business functionalities.
  • Desiging, developing mission-critical systems, delivering high-availabily and performance.
  • Having skills and knowledge of net core API capabilities at different levels, framework components and lifecycles
  • Developing high quality code, participating in code reviews and mentoring junior developers also to ensuring the deliveries on time, within budget, and with good code quality using all proactive code validation techniques.
  • Developing Rest API + Backend and frontend . Gaining a lot of experience of the full projects life cycle, experience of developing in a commercial and intelligent environment and was involved in technical decision making.
  • Coordinating and participating in Continuous Integration activities, automation frameworks for testing and deployments, and other related items in addition to contributing to core product code.

Technologies: .NET core MVC, C#, SQL Server IIS & Cosmos DB,Azure cloud, AWS, Azure Dev-Ops, HTML5, JavaScript Angular 8, Git, Kubernetes, Docker, JIRA, confluence, JQuery, CSS Boostrap 4 and more...

Richmond Pharmacology

Lead Software Engineer
2016 - 2018

I Worked as a software developer to build web( +HTML5 +C#) and mobile(iOS, windows and Android) applications for the company

  • led the ideation, design, and development of 3 consumer Android + iOS apps.
  • led the branding, marketing, and growth for RPL apps to more than 1 million users.
  • Gained knowledge of Android API capabilities at different levels, framework components and lifecycles.
  • Used different design patterns & Object Orientated Programming.
  • Developed Rest API + Backend and frontend.

Technologies: Web Form Asp, iOS, Android, C#, SQL Server, Swift, Java, MVC, Firebase & Azure, Nunit test & Moq

HMS Industrial Networks

Software Engineer Internship
2014 - 2016

Done the Workplace training to get the right knowledge and skills to become one of the future software engineer. I was able to bring my knowledge and experience to life, helping the company to better serve their customers. The company HMS gave me three projects to work with. I gained both the theoretical and practical skills at the same time. All projects were about how to be good in software engineering and solve problems.

  • Set up continuous integration in VSTS(Azure dev-ops) for the .NET, iOS, and Xamarinapplications.
  • Actualized continuous deployment to nodes running in Google Compute Engine, Azure,and AWS
  • Defined and implemented the data semantics for the next version of their Web API
  • Facilitated test automation using Appium, CasperJS, and unit testing in platformspecific tools (e.g., NUnit and XCTest)

Technologies: .NET, iOS, Android, Xamarin, No-SQL, FireBase, AWS and TDD

Halmstad municipality

Teacher as a programmer
2013 - 2015

Teached Computer Science and Programming for students in elementary school. My role at Elevensval project was to help organize, curate, and otherwise teach student computer programming in away that is easy to learn and to understand.


Bachelor of Computer Science & Engineering

Halmstad University
2013 - 2016

Studied the Natural Science Programme

kulla Gymnasiet
2011 - 2013

High school Education

Virginska school
2009 - 2011

Professional Skills

Top Skills


ASP .Net Core & C#

Expert, 8 years
Has solid architectural understanding of ASP.NET Core MVC. Having skills and experience in how MVC and test-driven development work in action. Know how to create RESTful web services and Single Page Applications and more...

Java & Web Back-front end

Expert, 5 years
Java/JEE, Spring, JSON, XML, REST, NoSQL Database(MongoDB, Cassandra), Distributed System, Design Patterns, Javascript, JQuery, GWT. Have Experience with Scrum/Agile development methodologies

Leadership & Management

Advanced, 2 years
Leading and managing software engineering teams.

Other Skills

Kubernetes Docker Azure Dev-Ops LESS Git Azure
Test driven development API creation, development and integration SQL Javascript
Visual Studio WordPress Agile(Scrum)Methodology Git Github AWS FireBase



Get in Touch

You can always contact me for a freelance work or something else.

I can help with the following:

  • App development with C#, Java and Swift
  • Front-end development
  • Back-end development with .Net core MVC/Java
  • Api Development & Azure Cloud
  • WordPress/Joomla development and installation
  • And more...

Drop me a line at or call me at 00447577084055